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Educational Development Projects


  1. Five Year Education Development Plan sponsored in collaboration with school Development Committee. The first step of this Project is being successfully completed with the assistance of the Teachers, Parents, Prefects,Students, and Past pupils of the school
  2. Plan to improve results of Grade 5 scholarships Exam, G.C.E O/L Exam and G.C.E A/L Exam
  3. Personality Development Program of hostel students - Hostel students have achieved 100% attainment level at G.C.E (O/L) exams.
  4. Students Welfare activities.
    • Granting of scholarships to needy students -David Wickremaratne Fund, Borelesgamuwa Pemarathana Thero Fund and Scholarships granted by the Old Girls Association.
    • Health service centre
    • Daily Health Care Service Center is conducted with the assistance of the Parents and the Past pupils of the school.
  5. Publication of the quarterly news paper- SIRI SARA to develop journalistic and literary talents of pupils.
  6. Carrier Guidance Skills unit - This unit provides guidance in choosing higher educational paths and provides Carrier Guidance.


Projects to develop physical resources


  • Fully Equipped Library, Computer unit, Auditorium & Dental Clinic
  • Indoor sports complex: Project to raise funds


Environmental Development Projects and the 5S program.


This is a continuous project with the participation of all the students, teachers, parents, old girls and non academic staff


  • In 2005 we won the school Trophy for the Healthiest school in a competition organized by Colombo Municipality.
  • In the same year won a merit reward for recycling of waste products program and a merit reward at the all island school productivity competition


Unit for prevention of Dengue.


Under this project every Sunday cleaning up work and "Shramadana" activities are performed by the participation of non academic staff and prison detainees.


Program for Personality Development of students.


In commemoration of the day on which Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike assumed duties as the Prime Minister; Leadership Foundation of Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya was inaugurated in 2004 with the aim of directing pupils to assume roles of leadership in society.


Disaster Management Unit


Pupils are made aware of the ways in which emergency situations should be handled under the patronage of Madam Principal; pupils are rehearsed in handling first aid, fire extinguishing and emergency situation.


Projects to develop Creative Skills of Primary students.


Under this project prominence is given to preparation of programs in which the skills of pupils in Drama, aesthetic, sports and language are developed from youngest ages.